Department Of Botany

Botany Department was established in the year 1964 under the leadership of Dr. M.P.  Agrawal. In the year 1976 K.L. Dua joined the deptt. as HOD and after that from 2011 Dr. Kanta Rani has got the opportunity to sky high the deptt. of Botany as HOD. The deptt. has started post graduate studies by the great efforts of Dr. K.L. Dua in 2008. Since Nov. 2016 Dr. Manisha Agrawal  is looking  up  M.Sc. Botany  as an incharge.  It is the matter of pride that right from the first batch , students of M.Sc . securing positions in the university merit list. The department is flourished with well equipped laboratories and tissue culture lab for UG and PG classes.


  • The vision of department is to develop scientific and technical skill of the students in Plant science as such to produce experts service in Plant Taxonomy, Ecology, Biodiversity Characterization, Field of Botanical Survey, Farm management, Ecobotany, Flori and Horticulture, Biotechnology, Environmental Management etc.
  • The Department also provides a comprehensive training in Plant forms, Geographical distributions, Taxonomy of flora ,Field studies and Instructional excursions.
  • We also have a very good collection of world’s best authors books in our library to provide best knowledge to our students. Our students are also securing higher ranks in university merit list every year which justifies the growth of our department.

Dr. Kanta Rani

M.Sc, Ph.D & Net Qualified
Asst. Professor

Dr. Manisha

M.Sc, Ph.D & Net Qualified
Asst. Professor

Mr. Viay Pal

M.Sc, & Net Qualified
Asst. Professor

Ms. Kanchan

Asst. Professor

Mr. Hansraj

Lab Attendant


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Botany Department gallery

  • ‘National Science Day’ was celebrated on 28th feb 2012. Botany Department presents 5 modals viz-
    (1) Biogenic volatile compound & climatic change
    (2) Phytorid technology (got 1st prize)
    (3) Genetic engineering Boon or Bane
    (4) Shotgun method
    (5) Somatic hybridization(Got 2nd prize)

  • Biology Society Function:
    Natural Disaster Reduction Day was celebrated on 13 October 2011 Following competition were held –
    (1)Poster making
    (2)Paper reading


  • Science Exhibition was held on 6th feb 2013. Students from Botany department presents the modals on following themes: 

1. BVOC & global warming (Ram singh & Harkesh B.Sc 1 med) got 3rd prize

2. Genetic engineering & food chain (Naresh & yogesh B.Sc 1 med) got 2nd prize
3. Liquid Biofertilizer(Preeti & Bhuvan B.Sc 2nd med) got 1st prize
4. Nitrogen cycle (Ajay & Gaurav B.Sc 1 med)
5. Hybrid production by somatic hybridization technology (Sant ram & Ravi B.Sc 2 nd med)
6. Acid Rain (Meenal & Kiran M.Sc pre. Botany)
1 st prize winner model participated in district level science exhibition which was held in Pt.J.L.N Govt. college Faridabad & won 1 st prize & students further participated in state level science exhibition held in Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar

  • Biology Society Functions
  1. Inaugural cum fresher party was organised on 7th september 2012.
  2. Diwali mela -10th nov. 2012 ,various competitions were organised :
    Rangoli making –vaisali simran and pooja –Ist prize (B.Sc I)
    Thali decoration – kiran chaudhary (M.Sc) pre
    Diya decoration – harjeet (B.Sc III)
  3. Get together party was organised on 8th april 2013

  • Participation Of Botany Student In Other College Competition
  • Essay writing compitition – meenal raman (M.Sc pre) got Ist prize
  • Poster making compitition – Kiran chaudhry (M.Sc pre) got Ist prize
  • Model presentation –yogesh and ajay (B.Sc Ist ) got first prize organised by SSM, Palwal on 27th feb 2013
    Eloquence –Meenal raman(M.Sc pre) got 2nd prize
    Poster making –kiran chaudhry (M.Sc pre) got 3rd prize
    Essay writing compitition – vaisali (B.Sc I) got 2nd prize
    Neha (B.Sc Ist)
    District Level science essay writing competition – held at govt. college Hodal
    Neha – got 1st position
    Vaisali – got 4th position


  • Science conclave-2013
  • ‘Liquid biofertilizer’- Modal was presents there by students Preeti & Bhuwan. They also got 1st prize.
    10 students from bio department visited to attend the seminar.

  • Science Exhibiton
      organized on 29th Jan 2014. Modals prepared by botany department were as-
    1. Biodiesel(Vaishali & Poonam)- B.Sc 2nd
    2. Transgenic plants using Agrobacterium(Neha 7Simran B.Sc 2nd
    3. Role of microbes(Pratibha & Sudesh B.Sc 1st
    4. Low cost insulin production(Om Prakash & Preeti B.Sc 3rd )got 1st prize
    5. Transgenic crop(Subham & Chirag B.Sc 1st )

‘Low cost insulin production’ got 1st prize at district level & participated further in state level held at govt. college Hissar from 20th -22 nd Jan 2014.

  • Biology Society Function
    Inaugural cum fresher welcome party was organized on 21st sep 2013Diwali mela was celebrated by organizing different events like-
    Quiz competition-
    Poster making-

  • Science Conclave-2014
  • This year also 10 students of bio department attend the seminar.

  • Other College Competitions
  1. Quiz competition(Bhuvan) got 1st prize
  2. Salad making(Pratibha)
  3. Mehandi competition(Sudesh)

Science Exhibition

  1. was organized in our college on 5th feb 2015, where modals prepared by our department were on the following topics-
    1. Methods to control soil erosion(Manoj & Satish)
    2. Omega Project(Yogesh& Saurabh) got 1st prize
    3. Biohydrometallurgy(Sudesh &Jyoti)

Biology Functions

World Ozone day was celebrated on 16th sep 2014 by organizing by various intracollege competition-
-Quiz compitition
-Poster making competition
An Educational lecture on ozone was delivered By Dr. G.K.Sapra.

Green Consumer Day-

27th sep 2014(Inter college compitition) 10 college from Faridabad, Ballabgarh,Palwal,Hodal & Hassanpur participated in this function
1.Quiz compitition
2. Poster making
3. Paper reading compitition

  • Biology Society Function Biology Society Function
  1. Inaugral cum fresher party was organized on 10th sep 2015.

  • World Ozone Day
  • Celebrationwas organized on 16TH Sep 2015. Different competition were held –
    -Poster making-(Palak Gujjar-B.Sc 1st) got 1st prize
    -Quiz contest- team exosphere
    -Declamation-(Shailza-M.Sc pre) got 1st Prize

  • Green Consumer Day Celebration-29th sep 2015
    -Poster making-1st position
    -Paper reading-2nd position
    -Quiz- G.G.D.S.D.College-1st position


  • Diwali Celebration-
  • Nov 2015
    -Best out of waste-1st(Pooja M.Sc pre)
    -Candle & Diya making-(Urvashi M.Sc final)
    -Thali decoration-Gaurav(B.Sc 1st)

  • Science Exhibition
  • was organized on 8th feb

  • Essay Writing Compitition
  1. 30/08/2016
    Palak- 2nd
    Bhanupriya -3rd

  • Quiz Compitition –
  • 27th aug.
    Rinku & yogesh- 2nd position
    Chandras -4th position

  • Inter College Science Compitition
  • on 08/11/2016(at D.N.College)

    i) Poonam (M.Sc pre. Botany)

    i) Manju

    i) kirti got 3rd prize
    A trip to “Biodiversity park” Delhi on 21st Nov. 2016 of class B.Sc II Biology society


  • Fresher Party –
  • 2nd sep 2016
    Mr. fresher – Gautam (B.Sc I)
    Ms. Fresher – Divya(B.Sc I)
    Mr. fresher – Pankaj
    Ms. Fresher- PriyanchalV

  • World Ozone Day-
  • 16th Sep 2016
    -Poster making