Chairman Message

“Kavir Manishi Paribhu Swayambhu”

(The Poet and the Saint are equal to God)


“Raso Vaisah”

(The heavenly bliss which one enjoys while in communion with God is the same which one gets from creation)

Strengthening these famous dictums of our ancient texts, Goswami Ganesh Dutt Ji Maharaj outpoured the sanctity of his body, mind and soul in the creation of GGDSD College. This academic temple and shrine of knowledge is the manifestation of the vision of Goswami ji that he nurtured for the denizens of Palwal. To sustain in the competitive world of Economy, Commerce, Management, Sports, Science and Technology, we must endeavour constantly to take ahead our college to make it a quality institution of higher education for dissemination of academic knowledge, cultural values and learning.

I feel privileged and fortunate to have been a student of this college. It bestows on me a sense of pride to acknowledge that my alma-mater has been spreading the fragrance of higher academic pursuits among the educationally downtrodden and economically backward people of this rural area since its inception.

We’re deeply committed to empower our youth with such skills, creative faculties and intellectual acumen that they can contribute constructively to the growth of our nation, realising their potential simultaneously. It does generate a sense of pleasure to see that our efforts to create a generation with emotional honesty and intellectual prowess have been fruitful. Such a generation can surely enrich our cultural and social ethos.