Department of English

English is the most widely read language in the world. One in every seven human beings can speak .English has the largest vocabulary, perhaps as many as two million words. English is also a crazy language. There is no egg in egg plant. How do “a wise man” and “a wise guy” differ in meaning? Why are “ever book” and oversee” antonyms? Why are “quite a less” and “quite a few” alike”? One marvels at the unique lunacy of a language in which when stars are out they are visible, but when lights are out they are invisible. It is because English was not invented by computers. It has the creativity of the human race (which is not a race at all). Apart from the beauty of this funny language, the fact remains that we can’t afford to do away with it. The fact we have a large English speaking population (the third largest in the world after the USA and UK), is today working in our favour and because of it we are able to provide good jobs to these people as we are becoming a power to contend with in the IT, ITES and BPO industries, all of which need a good working knowledge of English.

Since computers are becoming more and more important for the world today as the time goes by (PM has started also the project Digital India). These sectors are likely to grow, providing more and more English. Speaking Indians with jobs and earning the country more and more foreign exchange. In short our knowledge of English is propelling our economy forward. So India needs young people with a good knowledge to maintain our growth rate. English department is playing its role very significantly to augment the process of achieving this aim. It consist of four associate professors and all of them are highly intellectual who leave no stone unturned to impart knowledge and value based education to their students using latest innovative techniques.

The department envisions inculcating among students an urge to study and develop English language skills. Efforts are in the swing to bring in English Honours and M.A English so that the local student, aspiring to be proficient in English, can be benefitted. A language lab is to be established in the near future.

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Gita Rani Sharma M.Phil & Ph.D Associate Professor
2 Dr Manjula Batra, English Hons M.Phil & Ph.D Associate Professor
3 Dr. N.K. Goel M.Phil, Ph.D, B.Ed, L.L.B Associate Professor
4 Shri. Balkar M.A, M.Phil Associate Professor
  • Dr. Gita Rani Sharma guided four M.Phil students who submitted their dissertation to different Universities. She presented four papers in Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi and Rajasthan University, Jaipur.
  • Dr. Manjula Batra has 11 research papers to her credit. She presented a paper in the international seminar on ‘The Echoes of Gita in World Literature’ held in Delhi university. This paper has been widely acclaimed and has been published in the book wonder entitled. “The GITA in world Literature. She attended seminar as a resource person on “Autobiographies of Indian Woman Writers” and also presented a paper. She attended and presented a paper on Indian Cultural relations in 2012. A Book of about 55 poems penned down by her is soon to be published. Her book entitled “The pattern of images in the poetry and plays of T.S. Eliot” is under publication.”
  • Dr. N.K. Goel guided 5 M.Phil students and presented two papers in Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi.
  • Attended orientation course sponsored by U.G.C. held at Shimla University and presented a paper on the topic “Media and Society”. Published a paper in academic staff college magazine on the topic ‘AIDS: Causes and Awareness’.
  • He participated in twenty one day U.G.C. sponsored refresher course held at Kurukshetra University and presented a paper on the topic: “Social and Economic Exploitation in Collie”.
  • He attended a two day national seminar sponsored by U.G.C held at D.A.V Centenary College, Faridabad the topic was “Human Rights Awareness”
  • He attended HEC sponsored national seminar on “Problems of Teaching of English in Colleges” held at D.A.V College Sadhaura Yamunanager.
  • He attended two days U.G.C sponsored seminar on the topic held at Dayal Singh College Karnal.
  • He attended D.G.H.E sponsored one day national seminar and presented a paper on the topic “Higher Education in India”
  • He attended D.G.H.E sponsored two days national seminar held at G.G.D.S.D College Palwal on the topic “Hindi Sahitya aur Bazaarvaad”